GORUCK Training…132 Days to Go

To get ready for the GORUCK Heavy in May, I need to start acclimating to long stretches with a weighted pack on my back. The 24 hour plus race requires you to wear 35lbs of weight plus food and water on your back the whole time while doing a variety of physical challenges, including running. I want to make sure that on race day I am as comfortable as possible moving with a lot of weight on my back.

This afternoon, I filled my travel backpack with an assortment of dense, heavy items add weight (bags of rice and flour, cans of beans and tuna). The bag probably weighed 40-50 lbs.

I strapped on my pack, making sure that it was clasped tightly around my weight and chest to distribute the weight as evenly as possible. I then started jogging 1.5 miles to the local high school track. By the time I got to there, I was starting to feel pressure on my knees, hips and ankles. It wasn’t painful, but carrying the equivalent of a large toddler on your pack will definitely add some stress to your joints.

My goal today was to test out the weight and see how fast I can run with the pack on my back.  I ran a mile, timing in at 8:43, which I thought was pretty good.

Then the pack came off as I ran a series of 100 meter sprints followed immediately by pullups and dips. It felt good to have the pack off my shoulders because my traps were pretty achy from the pressure of the pack.

I put the pack back on and ran a second mile, this time clocking in at 9:16. When I was done, I walked home, giving me another 30 minutes of time with the pack on.

The workout wasn’t particularly intense or hard, but it sure was tiring. I am pretty drained as I sit here writing this. However, I’m confident that the more that I do this, the easier it will become.


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