Crossing Jordan

I couldn’t leave Egypt without one last figurative punch to the face. My trip from Egypt to Jordan ended up being more tumultuous than I had bargained for and I’d like to recount it briefly here.

Not wanting to wake up super early to catch the 6 am ferry to Jordan, I opted instead to try for a noon ferry. The boat was sxheduled to leave from Nuweiba, a town an hour north of Dahab where I spent my last three days in Egypt. The bus from Dahab to Nuweiba dropped me at the port at 11:45 am so I was scrambling to try to get on the noon ferry. Read more of this post


Red Sea Relaxing and Adventure

After a hectic whirlwind of visiting temples in Aswan, Abu Simbel and Luxor, I decided to head to Dahab for a change of pace before ferrying over to Jordan. While I had never heard of it before coming to Egypt, all the travelers that I met either raved about it or were heading there themselves.

Philae Temple, near Aswan

Abu Simbel

Karnak Temple in Luxor

While I expected Dahab, a low key diving town on the Red Sea, to be more relaxing based on what I had heard from fellow travelers, what I have experienced is a difference of night and day compared with everywhere else I have visited in Egypt. You get hassled much less frequently, its much more socially liberal (for instance, alcohol is easy to find) and the sea beckons at every turn.


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Reflecting After A Month On The Road

A little more than a month into my trip I thought it would be good to look back holistically on my travels and see how I have progressed against my 3 Trip Goals as well as my Six Trip Concerns. This is a text heavy post but it’s good for me to assess myself against these benchmarks every few months to make sure I’m getting as much as I can from the trip. Read more of this post

It Was The Best of Times, It Was The Worst Of Times

My trip was jolted in a different direction from the moment I arrived in Cairo. This megalopolis is chaos, history, excitement and craziness all rolled into one. Everywhere before on this trip was sleepy compared to Cairo.

scene outside my hotel in Cairo

The Bad
At night during Ramadan, the city literally roars to life with mobs of people gathering in the streets to eat, shop and socialize. Walking through the streets is a combat sport as you duck and dart through throngs of pedestrians and traffic snarled streets. The horns of the scooters racing through the streets are particularly abrasive. Read more of this post
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