GORUCK Training…132 Days to Go

To get ready for the GORUCK Heavy in May, I need to start acclimating to long stretches with a weighted pack on my back. The 24 hour plus race requires you to wear 35lbs of weight plus food and water on your back the whole time while doing a variety of physical challenges, including running. I want to make sure that on race day I am as comfortable as possible moving with a lot of weight on my back.

This afternoon, I filled my travel backpack with an assortment of dense, heavy items add weight (bags of rice and flour, cans of beans and tuna). The bag probably weighed 40-50 lbs. Read more of this post


My First Steps Towards GORUCK

To prepare for the GORUCK Heavy in May, I recently completed the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) to get a baseline of my current fitness level. I welcomed 2015 by doing this test at a local high school track in Seattle, alongside Jie’s brother Lex.

The APFT consists of: 1) as many pushups as you can do in 2 minutes 2) as many situps as you can in 2 minutes and 3) a timed 2 mile run. Between each event there is a 2 minute rest.

I must confess that when I first saw this, I thought to myself, this can’t be too hard. Sure that’s a long time to be doing pushups and situps but I frequently run much longer than 2 miles. At most, this would take less than 25 minutes and be a good warmup.

Boy, was I wrong! Read more of this post

GORUCK in May – I Hope I Make It

I know that it has been a few months since my last post. But I hope that a new fitness challenge will get me back to regular updates.

This week, my brother Dan and I signed up for the GORUCK Heavy, a 24 hour, 40+ mile team adventure race that is several notches above the Tough Mudder intensity.

As if the time and distance weren’t difficult enough, you need to carry a 35lb rucksack for the entire race, not too mention enough food, water and extra sets of dry clothing to keep you going. Check out the recommended packing list. Read more of this post

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