Another Southern California Road Trip

President's Day afforded Jie and I a long weekend to check out a promising wedding venue in La Jolla, 20 minutes north of San Diego. We were visited the Grande Colonial, a historic hotel located a block from the ocean in downtown La Jolla.

Figuring that we would need a car once we got down there, we decided to drive rather than fly. Our appointment with the hotel's catering manager was for 10am on Saturday so we decided to drive through the night on Friday to save costs and avoid LA traffic. Leaving at just before midnight on Friday, Jie and I traded off driving responsibilities for the nearly 500 mile trip.

Predictably, the all night road trip left us both exhausted when we arrived in La Jolla near dawn. Still, I was excited. The weather was fantastic, we were right on the ocean and if everything went as planned we would have a kick ass wedding venue.

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California Keeps Getting Prettier

The lack of gorgeous pictures may be dissonant with the title of this post but that’s what happens when you have a broken camera and use an iPhone to take pictures.

So that’s my explanation for why my road trip to LA over Thanksgiving, filled with assorted stops in the Golden State, did not result in the beautiful photography that it should have. Read more of this post

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