Riding the Bus in Myanmar

In this space I have frequently documented my transportation escapades and what better way to cap off my recently concluded trip to Myanmar than with a blow by blow account of the inter-city bus trips that I took while I was there.

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Two Sunsets in Mandalay

My time in Mandalay was limited. I had little more than a day there before I had to go back to Yangon for my flight to Bangkok.

Nonetheless, I was determined to make the most of my time there. As soon as I arrived at my hotel (Rich Queen Guesthouse, which was the nicest place I stayed in Myanmar and had by the far the best wifi), I negotiated with one of their employees to take me to U Bein Bridge for sunset. It was the one recommendation that stood out above all the others from people I had spoken with who had visited Mandalay.

The bridge is located outside the city in Amarapura, Myanmar’s old capital. On the way, I stopped at Mahawizayaranthi Pagoda after I spotted it from a distance. As I have found on many occasions on this trip, sometimes the coolest places are those you have never heard about before, which was definitely true in the case of this pagoda. Not too mention the cool pic of me on top of it.

Temples and More Temples in Bagan

Having gotten a taste of relaxation in Inle Lake, I was determined to hit the ground running once I got to Bagan (although I had to wait a few hours as my bus arrived at 3am).

So the first two days that I was there, I rented a bicycle to see as many of the (thousands) of nearby temples as I could. It seemed like every few hundred meters I would turn to my left or right to find another massive temple that I would visit.

Bagan at sunset

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Week 22 Workouts

Saturday, December 8, 2012

  1. 500 Hindu squats
  2. 300 crunches

Sunday, December 9, 2012

  1. 50 handstand push-ups
  2. Four sets: 50 dips against table
  3. 150 push-ups, 50 Hindu push-ups
  4. Two sets: 20 side plank raises (each side), 20 side crunches (each side), 50 V-ups, 50 crunches, 150 seconds plank holds
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Inle Lake

After a brief stopover in Myanmar’s largest city of Yangon, my traveling companion Raha (a fellow New Yorker and Couchsurfer that I met in Kuala Lumpur) and I, headed up to Inle Lake on the night bus. I will cover the travails of this bus ride in a separate post focused on bus travel in Myanmar, but fortuitously we were seated next to Elly and Adam, an Australian couple (she is a talented singer who just received a grant to spend some time early next year in New York and he is a lawyer and securities regulator) that happened to be staying at the same hotel as us in Nyaungshwe, near Inle Lake.

a snapshot of Inle Lake

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