Thunderdome on the Shanghai Metro

It’s been a long stretch since my last post. Whether its been writers block or a dearth of good ideas, I’m ready to get off the schneid.

So I figured I would share a small nugget about living in Shanghai: what it’s like on the metro.

I have to preface this by coming clean that I’m an avowed NYC Subway person, for better or worse. It’s convenience can’t be matched and it has character (maybe sometimes too much). So I always view metro systems through my Subway prism.

In many areas Shanghai’s metro stacks up favorably. The system is new, clean, efficient, and reasonably well connected through the city (though not nearly as extensive as New York). When I ride the metro here I’m confident there won’t be any delays. And the numbering system for the exits makes it quite simple to navigate once you have made your way above ground.

However, it’s always packed, closes at 11pm and transfers between lines require half mile underground treks. Read more of this post


Shanghai Surprise(s)

Many thanks to my good friend Dan for kindly posting this for me while I’m in China.

A few weeks into my time in Shanghai I’m starting to feel more settled. Sure adjusting to the (freezing) weather was a shock and communicating with locals presents its share of challenges but I have bought new clothes and have started taking Chinese lessons.

The biggest help though is being able to stay with Jie while I’m here. When she’s not being a corporate big shot she is doing her best to help me adjust to a place that is much different from what I’m used. Whenever something happens requiring a cultural leap of faith, we will just say “well, this is China” and that explains that.

And after five and a half months of constantly being on the go, staying in one place for a longer period has been a good change. Despite the frustrations of the cold, not being able to find all the food I like and the sizable language gap, I’m enjoying taking the time to get to a know a place for more than just a few day stopover. Read more of this post

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