Revisiting My Goals From November 2013

When I re-launched Raw Focus two and a half months ago, I kicked things off with six fun goals to keep me focused in the coming months. I want to revisit these and share how I have progressed. An accomplishment/milestone not on the original list but surely worth mentioning was my recent engagement to Jie. I’m sure there will be more to come on that in this space as we gear up for The Big Day.


Drive Down to LA Over Thanksgiving

Jie and I are headed to LA next week to spend Thanksgiving with my mom, Steve, my brother Josh and his wife Lola. We have decided to drive rather than deal with hassles of flying right before the holiday.

Plus, it gives us the chance for a roadtrip (I have never before done the full drive from the Bay Area to LA). I would love to do it along the coast, even though it makes the trip longer. Or even a detour halfway through to make stops in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara.

However, after hearing some horror stories from colleagues about the traffic on the drive to LA the day before Thanksgiving, I am starting to wonder if it just makes sense to take the quick route to avoid any semblance of traffic. We are likely making the return trip during the evening, so taking the scenic route back really doesn’t make much sense.

I’m looking for feedback: do you think if we leave early enough (say 7 or 8 am) we can take the scenic route and still avoid traffic? Or should we just be safe and take the main highways the whole way through?

Raw Focus Is Back

When I came back to the US over the summer, I decided to put this blog on hold, figuring that my adventure had come to a close. But the adventure never ends. Just because I’m no longer on the road or living outside the US doesn’t mean that I can’t still travel and share my experiences.

So I’m bringing Raw Focus back. You will notice that the blog has been re-organized a bit, effectively segmenting my travels and time in China into new, separate sections. Check out the About section for what I have been up to or just shoot me an email ( Read more of this post

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